• Hire, Train and Manage On-Site Manager

  • Rent Collection

  • Tenant Problem Resolution

  • Property Maintenance

  • Property Advertising

  • Tenant Screening

  • Property Rehabilitation

  • Basic Accounting

  • Property Inspections


Hire, Train and Manage On-Site Manager:

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   Finding the right on-site staff is essential to the success of your apartment complex. Team Gibson @ WSR Real Estate will find the right people for your property. We will then train them on the proper processes and procedures that will ensure their success and your profitability. Continued oversight and training is provided to ensure your property will meet all changes in the market as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Rent Collection:

   Team Gibson @ WSR Real Estate will oversee the on-time collection of tenant rents. Tenants have many easy options to pay their rent including online direct payments. The easier it is to pay the rent the more likely it will get paid on time, and the faster you get your funds. WSR's accounting staff oversees the proper flow of funds. With hundreds of properties under management and decades of experience we have the knowledge and processes in place to ensure your property is producing the income you deserve.

Tenant Problem Resolution:

   Managing tenant issues is one of our main duties. In conjunction with the on-site management Team Gibson will do everything in our power to resolve tenant problems before they become your problem. Dealing with tenant issues quickly and decisively often will eliminate further problems.

Property Maintenance:

   If your property is large enough to have its own on-site maintenance staff Team Gibson will manage their services with an online work order system that helps ensure that maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. If your property does not have on-site maintenance staff Team Gibson will use it's buying power to ensure that your property has quality maintenance services at the lowest cost possible. WSR has in house contractors as well as outside vendors to ensure your property is properly taken care of. WSR Real Estate maintains a 24 hour on call phone service that is answered by a real property manager that can dispatch maintenance staff in any emergency.

Property Advertising:

   Vacant units are quickly rehabed and marketed to ensure fast turn around and a minimal loss of rents due to vacancy. Team Gibson @ WSR Real Estate utilizes the latest in online technology to ensure your property is properly marketed through websites such as HotPads, Trulia, Zillow, and many more. Many of our properties have their own website to help ensure the property has name recognition even when there are no vacant units.

Tenant Screening:

   Each applicant is thoroughly screened to ensure they meet your property's high standards. Tenant screening starts during the showing as the manager begins to learn about the tenant and who they are. Once an application is received their credit report is pulled and background checked. We verify income, employment, eviction history, credit worthiness and much more. Proper tenant screening is the first step to ensure quality tenants that want to stay.

Property Rehabilitation:

   When a tenant does decide to move turn-over speed is essential. Team Gibson @ WSR Real Estate will ensure that your units are properly rehabilitated and re-rented quickly to ensure maximum profitability.

Basic Accounting:

   WSR Real Estate employs an accounting staff that will ensure that rents are properly credited, bills are properly applied, and reports are accurate and customized to your needs. Year end reports are prepared and sent to you for all of your needs.

Property Inspections:

   Proper inspections of your property as a whole as well as inspections of each and every unit are conducted throughout the year to ensure the property is well maintained and that tenants are not damaging their unit. Tenants do not have the knowledge or expertise to ensure maintenance issues are called in as they should be, so inspections are essential to a properly maintained property.