I'm a Renter

At WSR Real Estate, our tenants are important to us. We strive to provide quality, well maintained homes that fit your needs. Scroll down to see all our available properties.

Rental Listings

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Requirements include:

Good Credit

Good Rental History

No Evictions

Provable income at least 3 times the rent


How does your property management fee structure work?

Our property management fee structure is designed to be transparent and competitive. We charge a percentage of the monthly rent collected, typically ranging from 7% to 10%, depending on your property portfolio. We believe in aligning our success with yours, so our fees are performance-based. You only pay when your property is generating rental income. There are no hidden fees, and we're happy to discuss our fee structure in detail to ensure it suits your specific needs.

How do you select and screen tenants?

Tenant selection and screening are critical aspects of our property management services. We use a rigorous process that includes thorough background checks, credit assessments, rental history verification, and income verification. This process helps us identify qualified tenants who are financially responsible and have a history of being good renters. Our goal is to minimize risks and ensure a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship while maximizing your property's occupancy.

What happens in case of property maintenance issues or emergencies?

We take property maintenance seriously. In the event of routine maintenance or emergencies, our team is available 24/7. Tenants can report issues through our online portal or by contacting our dedicated maintenance hotline. For routine maintenance, we aim to address issues promptly to prevent them from becoming major problems. In emergencies, our team will take immediate action to ensure the safety and security of the property and its occupants. Rest assured, we have a network of trusted contractors and service providers to handle maintenance tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. Your property's well-being is our priority.